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George V (1910-36) loved the phone, but only for chats with friends and family.

He, too, mistrusted the instrument as a means of communication for serious business.

The Palace was allocated the subscriber number of 4832, which it has retained to this day, but the friendly exchange title of Victoria — which Edward VII mistakenly believed was in honour of his mother (it wasn’t specifically named after her, though the area around nearby Victoria Street was) — has been replaced by the impersonal 930.

In those early days, fewer than one house in 10,000 in Britain had a phone and they were of the upright candlestick variety.

At the age of 91, the Queen has adapted to modern technology and social media in a manner that would have mystified her parents and horrified her grandparents.

Just the Royal Household used the phone and then only infrequently, preferring to correspond by letter or telegram.He is said to be the only person in the world to be put through to the Queen immediately wherever she is.So if the secure landline isn’t available or suitable, the encrypted mobile is used.She rarely used it again as she hated having to place the rubber speaking tube near her mouth — she thought it unhygienic.In 1896, the London royal residences and Windsor Castle were equipped with phones so Buckingham Palace could speak directly to them.

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