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[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] A parish workhouse once operated at Binfield, off Rose Hill. The above stone was in front of the old houses pulled down in 1826 while these were erected by the Marquis of Downshire in their stead.

Its location, as the "old workhouse", is shown on the 1881 map below. A local story has it that the clock-tower on top of the houses was donated by a local dignitary.

In the 1770s, Winkfield had a parish workhouse able to accommodate up to 40 inmates.

Easthampstead Poor Law Union was formed on 27th July 1835. In 1928, James Wilder, 61, an inmate of the institution for more than six years, made a series of charges against the workhouse officials.

The treatment 'reprogrammes' the body's defence system to attack cancerous cells.

Trials show it could stop cancer from spreading and reduce tumour size.

She cites it as a way to keep her calm and positive in the face of her devastating diagnosis.

The actress previously confessed that she didn't want to know how long doctors have given her to live.'I didn't want doctors to 'guess-timate' how long I have left,' she explained to the Loose Women panel during her last TV appearance.'I don't wake up every morning feeling fearful - I wake up feeling grateful and excited about life.'After being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in October 2016, Leah Bracknell has tried everything to fight the bleak diagnosis.Leah and her partner Jez Hughes raised over £60,000 to fund a pioneering new treatment called immunotherapy in Germany, which isn't available on the NHS.The couple also had Mexican shamans by her hospital bed in an attempt to heal her.He had originally planned to make the donation to the church of St Mary Magdalene and St Michael which stands opposite.He apparently changed his mind after the local clergy refused to trim a overhanging tree in the churchyard which regularly knocked off his hat!

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