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After the first couple of episodes I started to make Andy my own and kind of put my brand on him so to speak. I’m really enjoying myself, perhaps more than with any other role that I’ve ever played.”marks the actor‘s debut as Deputy Andy.

And I’ve got to be honest with you, I love playing him. In it, the atmosphere surrounding the town becomes over-oxygenated and is in danger of being ignited by a rocket returning to Earth from outer space.

Colin and Rick Maguire, the show’s DOP [director of photography], would confer all the time, even when he wasn’t directing. Andy has appeared so far in two other televised season four Eureka stories, “I’ve done, I think, 10 episodes, so far, and there are some great storylines that develop for Andy over the next batch of episodes,” reveals the actor.

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but what I miss most about Eureka is getting to see these people (and others who are not pictured) every day. makes a point that I agree with: To a point, I recognize the reality shows as a necessary evil in the current cable marketplace.I am coming from an emotional place, because something that meant a lot to me was taken away.I get it, it's business, and I'm not going to pretend that it's anything different...There's also Henry, one of the brilliant minds in town and probably Jack's best friend; Fargo, who designed Jack's Smart House (S. The strong science fiction plots are complemented by the ignorance of Sheriff Carter.Whenever I watch Eureka this season, and I see an advert on the network formerly known as Sci-Fi for one of their stupid goddamn are-you-serious-with-this-bullshit reality shows, I get angry and then sad.

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