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On the other hand I will wait for when a women feels the want to have sex for the first time.

I enjoy this change and opportunity for equality, in and out of the bedroom, and the number of dates before sex is a part of the relationship will be determined equally, discussed openly, honestly, and both tested for safety, time, and concern for each other and the over all relationship....... Having said what I said in my previous post, I neverthless think that 3 months (!!!!

Here's an excerpt from an article on : "A recent study funded by [a major dating website] suggests that as many as 35 percent of Americans now meet their spouses online.

What's more, the study suggests that those marriages are less likely to end in divorce than those that begin offline."What this article silently implies is that the phrase "meet their spouses online" translates to "meet their spouses while using an online dating site." However, if you read the complete study (and most people don't), you’ll quickly discover that "online" means exactly that: on the internet.

In a nutshell: Swiping right strokes the ego of the recipient, and paves the way to sex-on-demand.

Of course, there are online dating success stories.

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