How to stop firefox from updating

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Note: If Firefox doesn't start up but you aren't sure whether it crashed or not and you didn't see the Mozilla Crash Reporter, see also Browser will not start up.If Firefox does not crash when you restart in Firefox Safe Mode (at the "Firefox Safe Mode" window, click "Continue in Safe Mode" or, in Firefox 15 or above, "Start in Safe Mode"): This can be caused by the Norton Toolbar extension included with Norton software such as Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton Identity Safe.A recent Bit Defender automatic update should have fixed the problem so, if you use this software, make sure that the relevant Bd file is version (or above).The system should be restarted after the Bid Defender update to insure that the program is using the updated files.[12][13][14] [15] The NVIDIA Network Access Manager, an optional application for network security included with some NVIDIA products, can cause Firefox to crash unexpectedly.An easy workaround is to uninstall or disable this program and use another firewall, such as the built-in firewall included with Windows 7.[16] [17] [18] The Robo Form Password Manager application for Windows can cause Firefox to crash; for example, older versions would crash at (or close to) startup (Robo Form 7.6.1 and below, now blocklisted in Firefox 8 and above) and recent reports show that Robo Form 7.7.3 causes random crashes.If you need this application, check for an updated version on the Robo Form for Firefox page or from

If Firefox is crashing, first make sure you are using the latest public release version of Firefox, which will have the most recent fixes. Start in Firefox Safe Mode and click "Start in Safe Mode" ("Continue in Safe Mode" in Firefox 14 and below).You can download and install the latest version of Firefox from you can use the Software Update feature from within Firefox. This will help determine if an extension is causing the problem, since Safe Mode disables all extensions.You may also wish to review the Firefox release notes for your Firefox version, to see if the issue and solution is listed under "Known Issues". If Firefox no longer crashes when you run in Firefox Safe Mode, go to the Add-ons Manager Extensions list, click the Disable button for every extension, and restart Firefox normally.If disabling the software stops the crashes, contact the product's support site see if there are any program updates or settings you can change to work around the problem (or uninstall the program, if you don't need it).[1] [2] Bit Defender security software can cause crashes, particularly in Firefox 14 (Firefox 15, in Beta at time of writing, reportedly crashes much less frequently).

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