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I’m gonna try to cover all the different aspects of the topic, and if I miss some and somebody wants to jump in, feel free.

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Then, we have the most famous one, that is south of Place d’Italie, in the 13th arrondissement (for most people in Paris, just saying “13th arrondissement” implies: “Chinatown”) I feel that it actually was the Vietnamese immigrants that started it, as there are a lot of Vietnamese people there, but nowadays it’s really the main place for Chinese people in Paris, although they don’t all live there, far from it, this is a place to shop, socialize and all.It’s never violent, it’s never open, but some behaviors, comments, interactions are very racist, but strangely somewhat socially acceptable.It’s a general attitude towards Asian (from White French people, but also from North Africans and Blacks).And on the other hand – and it’s a very new phenomenon – younger generations are more and more obsessed with Japan, and fantasize about it, idealize it in ways that remind me of the way many Americans idealize and fantasize about France. Japan is a strange country on the international scene on many levels, mostly because it’s an economical (and technological) super-power, but it’s a very minor country on almost every other level.Except that there’s one domain that has been overlooked for a long time, it is its “pop cultural” influence.

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