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In short, we couldn’t have scraped all this data and derived this advice without the help of these talented data crunchers who are as dedicated to data analysis as we are.

Zohar Lazar Buried in all that data were some surprising facts about how to optimize your dating profile.

The show was sued by one participant after accidentally neglecting to fully blur her genitals during one shot.

Or will you find yourself alone in your studio apartment with a bottle of wine, only your five cats for company and re-reading The Handmaid’s Tale for the 10th time?

I know it’s a tough time of year for most women: the fear of being single can be almost paralysing.

These guys and their data teams ran queries of all kinds and pulled spreadsheet after spreadsheet of information to try and answer our strange questions.

We also needed Ok Cupid to get permission from their users to enable us to publish those popular profile pics.

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